Samstag, 5. März 2011

Shopping for labels, shopping for love .

Today was so a sunny day! so i couldn't resist leaving my study desk behind me and to go into the city!
i bought really cool stuff !
in a little shop in the heart of Vienna i found this fantastic dressmaker's dummy.
It was love at the first sight. I definitely had to take her home !
what do you think about her ?
I also bought new sunglasses! i'm in love with Ray Ban and i will buy the Clubmaster too :D
Can't wait !
The necklaces is from a small vintage shop ! I absolutely love it. I was searching for a cross-necklace too long and now i finally got it!
I also stopped at Zara to buy some new high heels! i love the colour and i think they're just perfect for springtime :D
I am so happy :DD


ZARA Shoes


RAY BAN Sunglasses

VINTAGE Necklace

Here is the perfect song for shopping tours ! i just adore it, it makes me so happy and i am always in a good mood if i listen to this song !
What do you think about it ?


  1. Hey, that's a pretty look that's created around your new pieces... ;) Absolutely ADORE that dummy head and those glasses, oh my gosh! Everything looks nice and absolutely good for spring.

    P.S., that song is quite catchy...

  2. great shoes!

    xoxo from rome

  3. The pictures are so funny, with that mannequin.

  4. color of the shoe is perfection! i'm loving muted neutrals for spring


  5. love those things, especially the necklace. :)
    and btw, you're really beautiful!


Thank you kindly ! :D